Saturday, 19 March 2011

Park Hill Development -Final Presentation

Friday, 18 March 2011

Selection of Furniture for Park Hill Development

For me selection of furniture is essential aspects in impressive interior designing. Choosing the appropriate furniture items is essential as they create an unique atmosphere to the interior. This is why  I chose furniture which are colourful but elegant as well. I selected the SEDE sofa which is very comfortable. The sofa's  material is white leather. It has a sculptured lines what create to it natural look. It fits perfectly to the combination table in yellow , orange black and red colours . Designed by  Innovation Living. It is metal table with lacquered tabletop and chromed legs. It can be moved around what I think is very handy solution. I chose also a large double bed designed by Banaldo. Grey colour and layout of the bed create smooth unique style. It has an extension, which can be use as a coffee table. Below you will find pictures of chosen  furniture.


Combination table designed by Innovation Living.

 Barstools Barker and Stonehous. 

Smeg fridge

 DE SEDE sofa, Barker and Stonehous

Bed designed by Bonaldo.

Park hill development

Park hill development is my last college project. The purpose of the project was to design an interior of an apartment. The apartment is located in City centre of Sheffield. It is two bedrooms flat with a Kitchen, a Living room and a Bathroom. However we had a possibility to do significant changes. We could add or remove inner walls to create place, which is  satisfactory to our client needs. We were able to choose a client. It could be a single person or a couple. We could use actual person or fictional client with specific needs. Our choice gave us an idea for style, furniture and colours for our design. It let us to make a decision which domestic zones should be included, such as Sleeping, Bathing, Studying, Food preparation and Entertainment. 

Park Hill is a council  estate in Sheffield. It was constructed between 1957 and 1961. It is one of the largest building in Europe. It is located on the hill and has an amazing view on the city. Following a period of decline and social problems it was closed for years. The estate is currently being renovated by the developers Urban Splash. There are a wide range of apartments, flats, offices and leisure space which people will be able to buy from 2012 year.

My client was  24-year-old female. She is lively, energetic and open-minded. She loves adventure and likes to travel over the world. She works as a personal assistant and masseur so she is a very busy person. She spends all days in a small office or a massage studio. This is why I designed for her a specious apartment, which gives her freedom of movement and residence. I want to design modern interior as I think it is welcoming, warm and restful. Below I present my final design idea. 


Friday, 4 March 2011

Ideas for Kids and Teen Rooms

Ideas for children rooms should be intelligent, ergonomic and flexible. We should try use as much space as possible to save some opened space. When we are decorating child room we should use our  imagination  and paint the wall by the way that children would with their crayon sets. Room can be design with bright and cheerful colours. Light colours can cheerful the interior and they show not so serious side of us. This is why  I think it’s a right choice for a kid room. Try to transform a room into a place of creative thought and energy. However be careful with the selection of colours! You can also add neutral colours which will make the place cool but healthy looking. Kids bedroom should be an exacting place, so If you kid have any specific hobby, you can create a theme interior. It will makes the place more entertaining. 

Kids Bedroom from Leonardo Collection.

Bedroom from Leonardo Collection.

Batticore collection by Italian company Halley Junior. This collection consists of beds with high curved headboards, wardrobes, sideboards, study desks and other furniture which can be useful in a kids room.

Wooden furniture on the above picture are designed by  Battistella Industria Mobili specialises.

Teen Room paint in blue colour for small area.

Room designed by IMA Design.

Stylish lavender colour Teen Room.

More ideas for design you can find on below websites;