Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Organic staircase design

Since I found those unique ideas for stairs design I think that I will pay more attention to those kind of detail in my future design. Original design of staircase can really add a specific character to an interior and it can became  a very decorative element of a room.  

 This is a beautiful stairs at the School of Arts in Saint Herblain, France, designed by Tetrarc Architects. This sculptural stairs remind visitors that this is indeed to be a place of creativity.

Stairs designed by HSH Architects. The staircase is in the main living area of a home in Prague. This incredible design is made from 10mm thick sheet metal, and there are no hidden suspensions keeping it, just wall brackets and tension.

 Amazing creation by Atmos Studio. The stairs comes in organic ornament what makes them looking original. Residential project recreates the structural flow of the living spaces, incorporating the pattern of the house's skirting board into its form. In accordance with the greater layout of the space, which seeks to visually connect rooms and other living spaces,the risers of the staircase extend into the bathroom space below, stretching along the wall and around existing furniture,to integrate fully into the space.

Organic staircase designs by Eestairs.This striking, sweeping staircase features natural-finish wood steps and no rise, resulting in a see-through look that’s light and airy and great in open-concept spaces. The pattern of multi-sized white rings is a wonderful design.

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