Saturday, 24 September 2011

Trip to Edinburgh - photos

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Magician's house design

During second year at college I had opportunity to work in group with other students. I think that it was a grate experiences for me as I developed skills in negotiation and learned how to express particular views.

The aim was to create an illusionist structure including a curious wonder of what lies within to the viewer. Inspiration for building design was a deck of cards. Geometrical structures give the exterior a neutral and simplistic look this can mislead a viewer because interior layouts are complex and lavish in details. Neutral colours create a subtle and modern look. Utilisation of sustainable material like timber and glass meets environmental needs of the community.

The person we were designing for is a young male. He is single. His career is in the magic and illusion industry, his interests lie in his job. Magicians is a person who is self confident, determined and open-minded. He loves entertainment but he also needs a peaceful place where he can rest after work.

This is our final design of this building

Monday, 19 September 2011

Furniture- colourful ideas for boring room

Sometimes white and dull rooms can to be entertain by colourful furniture without need of make-over.They can add a fresh feel to any modern interior. Below you will find few  ideas.  

Its a multi-coloured laminated beech chair design by UK furniture designer Anthony Hartley. This chair, named Mr. Smith the Second, is coloured beech wood with a high-gloss lacquer. Colour choices and slatted design emphasize the waviness of the chair.

 Picture above shows tetris table designed by Jared Kohn. Tetris table comes in colourful pieces and the unit is is a combination of various shapes.It is cool idea as you can actually pull and place the pieces in the order to your preference as long as those shapes form a table design. 

This is furniture collection called “ The Hybrid ” and produced by allê . Every piece of the Hybrid collection is multi-functional: furniture, lighting and décor. 

The chair design by Dransfield and Ross is the contemporary furniture design called Louis XV Upholstered Ribbon Chair. The combination between contemporary furniture design and classic appearance of furniture construction keeps the particular furniture in great state of artistic furniture concept. 

Above furniture of Yorkshire-based designer Anthony Hartley is bright, fresh, engaging and dynamic. It is an oak cabinet with a single multicoloured laminated ply drawer, hand sprayed and lacquered to a high gloss finish, with shiny metal legs. The bright shiny colours create a very tactile appeal as the unit begs to be touched.