Friday, 6 May 2011

John Martin exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery Heaven and Hell

John martin used oil, watercolours and prints to create painting which are shown on this really amazing expiation which makes you disbelieve that all those painting were painted paint by one artist.  He really cares about details with professional finish and large size of the drawings  makes these paintings so realistic that it makes you believe you are a real observer of those occurrences. Some of the painting show landscapes but most of them are about Old Testament scenes of doom and destruction. One of my favourite is a painting called Belshazzar’s Feast the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra and the Day of Judgement the first one you can see in a special created room whit a sound effects and lights which create an incredible atmosphere.    

                                                    John Martin  Belshazzar's Feast

  John Martin Seven Plague of Egypt

                                         John Martin Destruction of Sodom and Gomorra

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