Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Earth from the Air

Earth from the Air is quite old but spectacular presentation which still amazing me a lot. If anyone loves photography and haven't see it I really recommend to go on the web page or see a book where you can find all the pictures which were taken from the air. You can also find  text describing environmental concerns related to the photographs. No everyone is allowed to watch and admire our planet from the air, but this time world-famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertran gives us this possibility. Earth from the air isn’t just  showing us diversity of  fauna, flora and landscape but also degradation of environment by humans. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed, rather  surprised what you will see it.

  Ivory Coast. Bouna. Ashes of a tree near the Gorowi Kongoli

Canada. Quebec. Fall forest in the Charlevoix area       

 Mauritania. Caravan of dromedaries near Nouakchott

  Brazil. The Corcovado towering over Rio de Janeiro
   Argentina. Misiones. Confluence of the Rio Uruguay

   Egypt. Nile Valley. Road cut off by a dune

    Ukraine. Pripet. Abandoned town near the Chernobyl

Ivory Coast. Fisherman on Lake Kossou, near Bouaflé

  Egypt. Small boat on the Nile

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