Friday, 20 April 2012

Robert Van Embriqs’ “Rising Furniture” series

Rising Table is design of an illusionist Robert van Embricqs. This table can be rise from its original flat state to form a self-standing table. This is innovative idea to transform a flat surface into stylish and functional furniture. It seems incredible that so simple sheet of plywood can create a chair with so much personality. The wooden beams give the chair an organic shape which makes it just more exceptional.

Bathtub + Shower by Ron Arad

This is an incredible luxury bath concept which rotates to become a shower.  This bath was designed by Ron Arad for Italian manufacturers Teuco. He decided to change the bathroom look, so he has designed this elegant sculptural form serves two purposes, it could either be used as a shower, or it could be rotated 180 degrees to form a bathtub against the wall.