Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Magician's house design

During second year at college I had opportunity to work in group with other students. I think that it was a grate experiences for me as I developed skills in negotiation and learned how to express particular views.

The aim was to create an illusionist structure including a curious wonder of what lies within to the viewer. Inspiration for building design was a deck of cards. Geometrical structures give the exterior a neutral and simplistic look this can mislead a viewer because interior layouts are complex and lavish in details. Neutral colours create a subtle and modern look. Utilisation of sustainable material like timber and glass meets environmental needs of the community.

The person we were designing for is a young male. He is single. His career is in the magic and illusion industry, his interests lie in his job. Magicians is a person who is self confident, determined and open-minded. He loves entertainment but he also needs a peaceful place where he can rest after work.

This is our final design of this building

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