Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Residential interior design

The aim of the project was to design an interior of a flat for a couple. It is one bedroom flat on first floor with a living room, kitchen and a small bathroom. The client expectations were to make the space spacious, functional and modern. The intent of this design was to take advantage of the residential modern architecture by bringing in natural light and utilizes a combination of vicarious and contemporary furnishings and accessories to stick to the low budget.  All elements of design have been chosen to create space, which have warm and cosy feeling where the client can rest after work. The project has been inspired mostly by IKEA interiors, which are suitable to low budget projects. Current trends at IKEA are colourful, bright and organic, what allow creating an interior with an urban feel and domestic atmosphere.

The style of a living room is organic and fresh. It includes motives of spring garden like: flowers, leaves and wood textures. Selection of colours naturally brightens the interior. Yellow walls capture the joy of sunshine and communicate happiness what energizing its inhabitants. Nevertheless this welcoming colour was calmed by combination of grey and green, which was added to walls and elements of decoration, as they are the most restful colours for the eye and allow relieving stress. Selection of furniture and decoration made of natural materials and comfortable armchair altogether gives a feeling of resting in the spring garden during a sunny day, even while is cloudy outside.

Living Room

Living Room 

Floor plan Living Room

     The bedroom as defined by the client is specious room, where dominate straightforwardness and urban style, although the idea was to keep atmosphere of the living room and make it cosy and warm. The style of design was achieved by adding contemporary white furniture that harmonise with flexibility of grey walls, which shade reminds cloud-covered sky in the city. Everything crating monotone space that is additionally brightens up by colourful selection of decorative elements. 3D paintings of cars, wall sticker with cities motive, abstract on chest were added to add a bit of fantasy and vibrancy to the room.



 Floor plan Bedroom


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