Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Bee in The Butterfly

During second year at Newcastle College I had opportunity to work with other students and take part in project based on work for a real client. The aim of the project was to transfer existent cafe to a new location in the city centre of Hexham. An idea was to distinguish it from other cafes in city to make it more appealing to clients. Our client was Debra who is easy-going, friendly, and talkative and loves to travel all over the world. Her expectations were to keep the character of the existing cafe but bring in our idea to make it unique, original and functional.
I wanted to create a contemporary style which characterizes organic shapes, recycled furniture and bright colours. I previously had two different ideas which I had linked together to create a final concept more suitable for client needs and low budget. I decided to use existing furniture but change a colour of them. I kept modern style of my previous design but used more neutral colours with radiant elements of decoration to bright up the space. Instead of organic shapes I equip it with plants which bring a bit of nature in and create a domestic and likeable atmosphere.    


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