Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Forth Hotel - Renovation

Mitchells & Butlers was originally established in 1898. They are the leading operator of restaurants and pubs in the UK. Mitchells & Bulters are looking to invest £100k in The Forth to upgrade facilities and renovate the building. They have given us the opportunity to share our approach, ideas, concepts and design expertise with them. Mitchells & Bulters are looking to renovate and improving the interior and bringing the buildings function and facilities up to date.

The purpose of the project was to renovate and rearrange interior and exterior of The Forth Hotel
bar. My idea was to improve overall interior appearance and functionality by some modification which don’t change its original and unique atmosphere. I have brightened up the interiors by
changes of colours. I decided to add a new furniture which creates a distinguish look and renovate some of them which Forth already have. I think that changes which I have made will attract new customers and encourage current customers to still visit this place as their favourite.

Pictures below show my final concept for the exterior and interior of The Forth Hotel bar:

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