Sunday, 6 February 2011

Castles in the sand..

Tynemouth project is a second project through my firs year. We were asked to create a conceptual idea for a new contemporary building or structure for a beach in Tynemouth. 

Tynemouth beach is visited by lots of tourists ever year. It delivers a wide range of water-sports and other events. Local business includes variety of shops ,pubs, restaurants which are open through day. When the night come people start to look for some way of entertainment. This is why I decided to design a night club on the beach which will allow them to party without having a trip to the town. I wanted to create something modern and original. That is why I  came to the decision to create an atmosphere of the beach to exterior and interior of the building. Snow dome and fish tank gave me an inspiration for building shape. I think that combination of brick and glass have a natural and organic feel as they are made from sand. Brown finish make the building act as a base for energetic colours which I used for inner design. Its two floor building. Toilets are located on the first floor. Every element of interior including furniture has a touch of fauna and flora of sea. I have found the inspiration in sea shells, elements of coral reef, fish and water move. It allows me to create luxury style in the interior. The interior is furnished with fish tanks, bubble walls which bring in nature of sea world. Lots of colours make the place looking natural and fresh but also give a dynamic and nurturing feel. Finally I decided to design a roof to give the space more privacy and dazzling look. Star fish gave me an inspiration to make a roof. Its primary task is to cuddle the building. It allows me to create large windows to make the interior look very spacious from inside.

 Sketch Up model of the final project.  


 These three next picture show drawings of the final concept.

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