Monday, 14 February 2011

Student Room Design

Last year’s over the holidays I designed a room for my friend. His room used to be a cluttered up place where each piece of  furniture where different. He got to used to them so he wanted to keep them all. I changed location of the furniture to save some space. I also created a relaxation place where he could read the books. I advised him to refurbish some of the furniture and paint the walls in pale blue or green colours what made the place looking larger and brighter. Those colours are used as calming. They are perfect for rooms where you spend most of your time during the days and where you work or study. It helps you calm and relax your eyes. Sensory reactions to these colors can even result in a slower pulse and lowered body temperature, which indicates strong psychological ties to different colors. Below I present my final concept for this room design. 

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