Thursday, 12 May 2011

Cockfield Community Centre- Final idea

I decided to create Victorian modern style to an exterior and an interior of the building because it suits to general appearance of the building. My idea is to don't change much details within the exterior of the building. I think that it could be repaint and a roof should be refurbishing and there should be added some elements of decoration like lighting, flowers etc. Dormers should be build onto roof to expanse inner space.  It creates a more domestic look to the exterior too. I choose wood frame for windows, which have Victorian look. They are very elegant. The specific shape of windows let the sunlight get in to light and bright up the interiors. Below you will find picture and plans of my final concept.

I decided to separate the domestic zones from the studio, which will be located on the back of the building.  Visitors can access it from a street by the separate entrance, which will give the residents more privacy. Studio is a square building with toilet. It has lots of windows. Sunlight lights the space through day so it helps residents save energy. Natural light is also profitable for our vision if we spend more of the day in a workplace. It has an amazing view on the garden, which is located on the back of the house. Lots of flowers and plants and contact with a nature can influence the artist work, so I think it was a good idea.  

 First floor- Auto Cad plan 

 Second floor- Auto Cad plan

The Living Room will be connected with the Kitchen. On the first floor will be situated toilet for quests and for inhabitants. I chose gold and brown colour for the Living Room. It creates a sophisticated look but it warms up the interior too. Colour for the Kitchen and the Dining room is cream, because  this colour  bright up the space as there is just one window.

I designed three Bedrooms, which can be us by family member or by quests, and one Master Bedroom with a toilet. Each of them have a different colors and style. Some of them have a large wardrobe, which was a grate solution to save some space.

Below picture shows a Bedroom on a upper level. The only stain-glass work will be installed in the bathroom  and first floor where the wallpapers are in pale and neutral colours

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