Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Final project for the year - Cockfield Village

This is a final project for this year. I have to transform a old community centre into 4 bedroom house within the existing structure. Client wants to have an art studio, living and dining area and a garden. 

This Detached stone built former chapel is situated in the heart of Cockfield Village . The village has primary school and local shops. It is a conservation area so all the exchange of the exterior have to be consulted with a local council.  Its large building. Its overall net internal area is 139.25sq.m. (1498.3sq.ft.) At the beginning of  May we went there to see the property which we are going to design. Below you will find pictures which I took on that day. 

The interior of the building is destroyed and need to be completely renovated.  

As you can see some of a feature are Gothic style like windows at the front and sides and the small windows above them.    

There will be create a upper level which client wants to be use for Bedrooms.  

In the past there was added stone build extension to the back of the building to provide kitchen, refectory and toilet facilities. 

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