Thursday, 12 May 2011

Cockfield Community Centre- Selection of furniture

Furniture which I choose are mostly from Barker and Storehouse, Chapman and Next. I chose those shops because they have a wide range of classical, and Victorian furniture, which are in affordable price. I tried to look for furniture in local shops with used things, because they have lots of cheap, original and antique looking stuff. 

Eltham Tub Chair, Barker and Stonehouse 


Pasha Chair (transparent), Barker and Stonehouse

Bourgie table lamp, Barker and Stonehouse

Romance two door wardrobe, Barker and Stonehouse

Chapelle bed frame, Barker and Stonehouse

  Brooke tall bookcase with columns, Chapmans furniture

Onyx large coffee table, used furniture

Carmen chest and Rocco mirror, Next furniture

Red striped 2 drawer chest, Gosforth Pine Company

Green armchair, Used furniture

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